The Venues of Matera 2019

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The Venues of Matera 2019

The Venues of Matera is a project that explores places with potential to host events in the next European Capital of Culture. With more than 400 venues mapped, the project provides both technical and visual information of each place and is focused not only on the historical center of Matera but also on its peripheral areas and the region, underlining the capacity of the city and region as a whole. The importance of the maps proposed by the workshop The Venues of Matera is to prepare the city for its further development by transforming public spaces, pathways, fields, and architectural complexes into dynamic points to be discovered in the space, and eventually into venues able to host a variety of events from 2019 onwards.

Propose a Venue

You can obtain the Latitude and Longitude of a place by using the right-click on Google Maps and selecting "What's here?"

Dynamic points on a map contain detailed information that can be visualized or hidden according to one’s desire without compromising the legibility of the document. When applied to Matera, this functionality simplifies complex sets of data and renders the features of each place easier to be assimilated. This not only leads users to make well-informed decisions but also encourages them to take the next steps in proposing new locations. In this way, the framework of the project stays open and scalable, what allows for a constant growth in its database. This idea to extend the platform to the community is in line with the overall approach of the Open Design School.

Filter Venues by Category

Filters can be added up to help one choose a venue based on specific characteristics or to mediate a particular view of the space. When multiple features are selected or neighborhoods are delineated, it is possible to highlight information that is most relevant to different cultural programs. By doing this, the map of Matera and Basilicata leave their usual purpose, originally meant to describe and to locate, and become equipped with specific cartographic narratives, or applications that can help users to visualize hidden storylines that are naturally part of this territory.

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